By Chris Doxtator

My first thought when I heard Hexagon Cloud was huh, these guys have probably done some drugs (or at least read a good book about them or something like that). They have the quintessential psychedelic sound: playful, dynamic, and hypnotizing. I hate to do this, but to introduce their song “Like a Cloud” I have to steal from Wikipedia because it has the perfect line to describe what this band is doing: “the sounds of psychedelic rock invokes three core effects of LSD: depersonalization, dechronicization, and dynamization; all of which detach the user from reality.” In other words, they’re messing with your head, man.

I mean fuck, “do you feel like a cloud?” That’s a great question, if you’re super high on acid. I don’t know what it means, but after listening to Hexagon Cloud I want to drop a bean and ask myself. But because my acid guy is someone I just made up, I’ll have to go to an almost reliable source: Michael Hicks describes depersonalization as allowing “the user to lose the self and gain an awareness of undifferentiated unity.” Maybe that’s what Hexagon Cloud is after, the feeling of floating moisture that is always leaving or joining more moisture, so the act of leaving becomes joining and vice versa, creating the inability to be a part of or a part from anything. I’m not sure about you, but I think I’m peaking.

Not to worry though! In these types of situations I know just what to do. Put on Hexagon Cloud. The mind-bending-question-asking-vocals crooned in playful falsetto will be just what I need to gather and become all the secrets of the universe, which will already be slipping through my fingers just before I push play again.

Hexagon Cloud’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

For more about Hexagon Cloud and their music go here: facebook.com/hexagoncloud

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/head-room-sessions/hexagon-cloud-hrs-11/468353836854562/