YaSi - HRS NO. 11

By Chris Doxtator

YaSi started performing in 2013 with the Denver hip-hop group H*Wood. In 2016 she began performing on her own, and we’re excited she did. Those first hip-hop and R&B influences are evident in her sound, which are anchored by the smooth, steady beat of her drummer (Slack) and the just-right levels of her DJ (DJ Five8).

YaSi’s vocals conjure images of a deep, powerful, and rolling ocean. In “Emotionless,” she moves from serene spoken word to forceful waves of vocal prowess. The song builds into uncontrollable might and crashes onto calmer shores. Her impressive demonstration communicates anything but emotionlessness, which presents the irony of the song. Emotions, like the ocean, have the ability to overpower us, to present to us a wilder side of ourselves that’s unhinged and unanchored, but with the proper sea legs we can weather through and thrive in unpredictable waters. YaSi’s “Emotionless” encapsulates the struggle for control and the realization that surrendering to the flow, while difficult, can relieve the stress of maintaining control.

If YaSi’s vocals are the ocean, Slack and DJ Five8 are the solid floor she splashes over. Both backing members lay a steady and smooth bedrock for her to play over. The juxtaposition of wild vocals and rock-steady music creates the perfect sounds of water contained in a vessel. Whether it’s the ocean in the earth or water in a glass in your hand, watching the water play and realizing the steadiness of its foundation always presents good material for thoughtful meditation. YaSi is the soundtrack for such an exercise.

YaSi’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

For more about YaSi and her music go here: www.YASIMUSE.com

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/head-room-sessions/yasi-hrs-11/468350650188214/