By Chris Doxtator

The Milk Blossoms make the perfect soundtrack for dreaming. The recipe is one part levity and playfulness, two parts soulfully ominous wizardry from a beat boxer, and three dashes of uncanny picture painting. While the combination of ukulele, high-pitched keys, and beat boxing all combine to make a better version of pop music, the vocals and tempo add a mystery and energy to the mix to suggest everything is probably a bit off, but that that’s okay.

We see this tension in “Parade.” The opening line is “returned the book, bits of glass in the spine—wanted the next person to know I made it out alive.” The song is inspired by a car accident and a dream, and we hear that even in the pairing of bright melody and low-sung celebrations of survival and destruction. There’s something bitter sweet about it.

Like surviving a car accident, the whole thing sounds like an acknowledgement that everything is going as well as it is only because it’s not going as wrong as it could be. If that’s not reason for a parade, what is?

“When we Kiss,” is an impassioned, anthemic claim. “When we kiss, I see colors behind my eyes.” This lyric is sung repeatedly and with so much heart and soul its enough to give you chills. Here we get to see both vocalists shine and the result is hitting repeat over and over again because like a lover’s kiss, it’s something we couldn’t possibly get enough of. These women are too talented. With few instruments at their disposal and more than a few fuck loads of talent, they create a pop sound that manages to be accessible while improving on the genre tenfold.

The Milk Blossom’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page.

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