By Chris Doxtator

A talented songwriter in his own right, Christian Wilhoft accompanied by Alex Burket brought three covers to his Headroom Session and did the ole Ezra Pound switcheroo—he made them new. Christian has such a strong voice. It was the perfect fit for the venue. Reverberating like Damien Rice and adding some southern sauce like a BBQ pit master going ham on some… well, ham, Christian’s voice will hit you right in that empty non existent spot where a soul might sit if you were Christian Wilhoft.

Alex Burket, Christian’s guitar-playing company today, added to the mix with harmonies and guitar work that encourages having a fire extinguisher on hand. These two share chemistry, and it shows. They’ve crooned together in some of Denver’s most beer-soaked venues, serenaded crowds in more sophisticated settings like hotel ballrooms and wedding halls, and even been known to rattle off a few whiskey-driven anthems around campfires with friends. Christian and Alex both perform around Denver in various projects, so what’s the best way to see them around town? Be their friend!