By Chris Doxtator

The Patient Zeros know what works, and they stick to it. This three piece definitely plays rock and roll, but they do it with an eclectic approach. Each song is distinctly them, but no two of their songs sound the same. That kind of signature sound that still offers variety is hard to accomplish, but The Patient Zeros have cracked the code.

Save for what we hear in “Hum,” their songs are lyrically driven. The song “Elvis” is packed full of one liners, catchy imagery, and a series of lines about grinding teeth that add an overall feeling of neurosis. This is juxtaposed with a pleasant melody, groovy baseline, and 4/4 drums that keep driving until the end of the song. The combination of sounds and lyrics adds up to confirming it’s possible to delightfully grind away in a world that doesn’t add up to making much sense.

“Serial” does the same work of delivering foot stomping, lyric based rock and roll, but the sound is much more contemporary delta blues. Again, the music sounds almost upbeat, but lyrics like, “she’s at the door, I walk her in, she’s never walking out again,” add an eerie mood to the chirpy blues. These guys seem like they know how to have a good time no matter the circumstances. Today, that way of being seems somehow more important than ever.

The Patient Zeros full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

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