By Chris Doxtator

In their own words, Particle Parade is “a mobile music and art installation.” Produced and led by Mikey Smith with drums and pads added by Kevin Matthews, this duo makes mellow electronic dance music with more groove than a tongue and groove joint factory. Mostly instrumental, it’s hard not to star moving once their music begins. Add to that the hypnotically beautiful visualizer they play during their sets, and you have the makings for the hippest mother fucking two-person dance party you’ve ever seen.

Mikey’s synth arrangements are playful. He lays down a definite groove but mixes it up with straightforward foot-tapping progressions and looser departures in melody that ebb and flow with the moves of the visualizer. It’s hard not to realize you are part of something special when you hear Particle Parade. Quite a bit of their sound is subdued, but it’s still filled with a tremendous amount of energy. That balance is so delicately maintained in each track, so after listening you’re never overwhelmed. You just want more.

Part of this dynamic is established by the choice of sounds. High and low melodies on the synth work in harmony to keep things dancey, and the electronic drums follow the credo of less is more. Rarely deviating from the beat, a big bass hit here, a nice snare fill there, and a few clear cymbal crashes is all it takes to keep these tracks moving. Like they said, these guys are mobile, so follow their lead and get moving!

Particle Parade’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

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