By Chris Doxtator

It becomes immediately apparent when you watch Baubo perform that these three women are moved by music. Also, more so than your average musician, these three move to make their music. So much of their performance and playing is wrapped up in dance. Each musician sways, dips, and twists with their instrument, and one song features tap—but really it’s more like bang dancing. This South American-tinged-folk rock trio makes the classic pairing of song and dance a beautiful and energetic sight and sound.

While so much of their music is powerful and driving, “Grace” captures Baubo’s essence completely. Two of the members play a steady rhythm drumming on a cajón and a tree stump drum. The beat is relentless and familiar, but everyone in the group adds to it. The rhythm has roots in ancient tribal drumming, and Baubo seems to embrace historical significance. Each song has themes related to our ancient connection with our planetary context. Earth is the dance floor.

“Sunshine” has a lighter melody and rhythm, but the incorporation of the previously mentioned bang dancing makes this song stand out as a gem. Not only does one performer dance with shakers to add to the rhythm, she slams her heals to accentuate the line “trying to keep the trigger from the gun,” a line that adds gravity to what is mostly a playful celebration of nature, femininity, and the cycle of life. Each of Baubo’s songs is the sound of movement. They’re celebrations and acknowledgements that our bodies are our gifts for making music.

Baubo’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

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