By Chris Doxtator

Talktronica is a genre, right? Let’s just say yes and that Bianca Mikahn is killing it. She combines elements of hip-hop, soul, and a whole lot of electronic experimental beat making to create something impossible to define. Everything about her sound is transcendent. But the anchor that keeps it all from floating away is her subdued spoken word delivery. Somewhere between rapping and sitting you down to tell you like it is, her delivery is direct, so there is no misunderstanding her message.

In “I Cain’t,” Mikahn argues for a silencing of all the voices, complaints, and discrepancies that don’t deserve the airtime they get. For Mikahn, hate is the new fanny pack. It carries shit we don’t really need and makes us look like an ass when we wear it. Fuck it. We don’t need it. Get rid of it (my apologies to anyone who’s still rocking that fanny pack with pride)! The bottom line for Mikahn is life is already complicated enough, we don’t need to drown out the real struggles with senselessness.

Mikahn raps and sings the hell out of “Hate/Love.” Her message here presents a lighter sense of self than her other songs. Even with all the turmoil that can bog anyone down, she celebrates creativity, intuition, and having a strong sense of self.

Regardless of the noise, these gifts work to filter out what’s good for you. It’s hard to classify Mikahn because she pairs so many make-you-bounce-elements with make you sit down and think beats and lyrics. But that’s the beauty of her music, it’s suitable for both.

Bianca Mikahn’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page.

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