By Chris Doxtator

BlackBuddha keeps his raps mellow over hard-hitting beats, not that he’s lacking energy. His charisma carries through every song, but his words shine over the ability to shout them (WWHHAATT?!). In other words, he’s saying “Bitch you know I got it” without putting on a prop-filled performance to prove his point. BlackBuddha takes the more humble approach to delivering his lyrics. His music and message are his status markers.

“Buddha’s Plea” starts with a Middle Eastern tribal chorus that plays the entire song. A trap beat comes over the top, and Buddha tears away with a series of calls to action, pleas for correction, and the overall message that “freedom is the mission.” Along with the lyrical display, Buddha’s beats blend seamlessly and transition fluidly from part to part.

“Nobody” takes a slower approach. The trap beat is more soulful, and old school flute plays over the track taking us back to that sweet seventies sound. The song covers great losses from history and points to the lack of understanding we keep moving forward with today. It’s a clear picture of despair, but in that despair, Buddha keeps a positive outlook and shares a positive message. If you don’t hear it, just look at his smile at the end of the video. His grin isn’t so unlike OG Buddha.

BlackBuddha’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

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