By Chris Doxtator

Photo By KT Langley Photography

Photo By KT Langley Photography

Goth rock gets a pick me up by Married a Dead Man. This band fits so many elements of the genre, but their post rock and hardcore backgrounds add a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to the mix. There’s more energy and dynamism than we usually get, and adding in shoegaze and darkwave elements rounds out their truly unique sound.

The band consists of bass, drums, keys, guitar, and vocals. Most of the tunes incorporate walky bass lines that feel like more like punk you want to sway to, and the drums keep steady time with the rhythm being shared between toms and the combination of snare and hi-hats. Keys add lighter accents and waves of deep organ over the top, and guitar seems to slice through the whole mix with scything melody. Add in the lead vocals, a blend of smoky-voiced singing and more anthemic shouting, and you have Married a Dead Man fresh off the ole’ goth grill.

What sets these dark arts wizards apart from the crowd is their mid-song moves from straightforward wavy goth to post rock. This is especially true for the song “Valkyrie.” Right out of the gates it has more drive and forward momentum. The drums start with an off-beat accent on the snare that creates a sense of heightened pace in the tempo. Then the song drifts into more thoughtful territory with wavy sweeps on guitar and keys just to crash into the heavy, driving postrock outro. The song really showcases how Married a Dead Man controls pace and blends sounds to keep the genre moving in new directions.

Married a Dead Man’s full set is available for download through The Head Room Sessions’ BandCamp Page

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